Prenatal Classes - Birthing from Within

The Nesting Place hosts their Birthing From Within Prenatal Class Wednesdays Oct 21st to Nov 18th from 7:00 - 9:30pm.  

Contact The Nesting Place to register.

You want to be well prepared for birth but don't know what information is most important. 

Your partner(s) or birth support wants to be involved, but doesn't actually know what to do to support you. You want to feel confident in birth but don't know how you'll cope with labour.

So you've read all the books, heard stories about birth and spoken in depth with your doctor or midwife about your birth preferences...but're worried. 

Preparation for birth is more than just reading information about stages of labour and procedures. 

How you feel about birth will significantly influence the way you experience labour contractions and whether or not you identify yourself as being "strong" or "weak," "scared" or "managing," "resourceful" or "helpless." This is why we've designed our prenatal classes to prepare you not only for the basic what-to-expects of birth, but also to build your awareness of the coping practices that work for YOU, to familiarize your support people with what birth looks like and what kind of support they might need during the labour, how coaching changes through birth, and how to gather information effectively from your health care team.

We have a soft spot for the unique emotional roller coaster that partners and other support people experience when they watch their loved one give birth, so we've integrated information and activities for your birth support to feel involved and supported in their own birth experience.

After taking this course, both you and your partner will have a clear idea of how you'll work together in birth, what normal birthing looks and feels like, how to support someone during or through medical pain supports and your rights and options during unexpected events in birth.

If there's one thing we know for sure about birth it's that we can't know what your birth will look like, but we do know that all parents can bring meaning and presence to any birth experience. To be fully prepared for birth, you'll also explore the many ways you can make unexpected events in labour feel more grounded and meaningful to you.