Our Food Partners

We have taken great care in selecting the partners that provide the baked goods, lunch fare, dairy and breads that we serve. They are all independent and local - and genuinely proud of the quality of their product. We couldn't be happier to have them on our team. 

Desmond and Beatrice

Desmond and Beatrice, from Toronto's east side, supply our baked treats: cookies, muffins, cupcakes, bars, and scones. Talk about fabulous. But don't just ask us - check out their testimonials. Or, just come in for an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and you'll know what the buzz is all about! 



Our salads and sandwiches from Foodbenders  have been carefully crafted with your health in mind - with deliberate inclusion of nature’s super foods known to be expressly high in protein, vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and dietary fibres. They also incorporate natural sweeteners and avoid the use of sodium, trans- and saturated- fats, artificial ingredients or preservatives.


We love that Foodbenders pays careful consideration to the nature and origin of food production when selecting food sources and undertakes ongoing research to enhance support for ethical farming initiatives both locally and internationally.  This includes supporting local organic farmers as well as supporting fair trade and other sustainable cooperative farming efforts taking place around the world.

Kawartha Dairy 

For over 75 years, Kawartha Dairy has been a 100% Canadian-owned company, still operated by the same family that started it back in the beginning. We proudly serve Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream all year round, and use Kawartha Dairy milk in our Lattes and Cappuccinos. 


Rolling Meadow Dairy

We're excited to be able to offer you Rolling Meadow Dairy's milk in the cafe!  This new local dairy works with small dairy farmers of Southern Ontario whose cows are free from growth hormones, antibiotics, and are grass-fed from pastures free from pesticides.   We think you'll love it as much as we do!  Ask us about ordering some to take home!

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Sweets From The Earth

SFTE is yet another amazing local company doing amazing things that we have partnered with. They are passionate about creating delicious treats that can safely be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. All Sweets from the Earth products marked as nut free are school safe as they are made in a HAACP-certified facility.Their ingredient suppliers have been audited for their peanut and nut free status in order to ensure that all ingredients entering the bakery are nut free.