Our Story

RedFish BlueFish Creative Cafe is a space where Kids, Caregivers, and the Community can gather and feel comfortable and at home. It's also a place to be energized and find inspiration and connection. Our modern, bright, and open design enables children to easily and safely enjoy our cafe, while our design aesthetic appeals to adults and their friends.

Eco Approach 

When you enter our Cafe you will notice the aroma of our excellent coffee and sweet treats.  You won't experience the tell-tale smell of off-gassing materials.  We've taken effort to ensure that our environment is free from harmful environmental chemicals in the building materials, furniture, and cleaning products.   The materials included in the main floor make-over consist of Forbo's Marmoleum  on the floor and formaldehyde-free Baltic Birch plywood counter tops. 

Main Floor


Our main floor cafe space is home to our free drop-in arts and crafts table, an array of board games and books, high chairs, and our two Siamese Fighting Fish. It's wheelchair (and stroller) accessible with a ramp to the main door and a universal access bathroom. 

Patio and Garden


Our patio  is a lovely shaded outdoor space nestled between the cafe and Knox Church.  Its the ideal spot for students to get in some extra studying, meet with friends, or for parents and kids to share a snack after some serious craft making.



The second floor program space is large, open and bright with big skylights providing much natural light. Its home to our ongoing programs and classes. Check out our program schedule for the latest parent and child classes classes. Art, drama, movement, and more. 

Who's on our Walls

On our walls you'll see some fabulous portraits from the local studio Modern Baby  and Modern Baby Grows Up, brainchild of photographer Leigh Tynan. They are a wonderful place for parents looking for creative, emotion-filled images of their kids. 

People Who Have Helped Us

It's been a long and wonderful journey to get to where we are, and so many people have helped along the way. Special mention goes out to Lisa Taylor, President of Challenge Factory, who never stopped telling me I could do it, Momiji Kishi from DETOUR who expertly trained our wonderful staff into the stunning baristas that they are (and just happens to have won the 2013 Central Canadian Barista Competition - woot!!), our contractor Matthew Creelman - truly one of the best in the city, Lazerd Aliu at the Royal Bank, as well as our Friends and Family who pitched in in so many unforgettable ways.



Our Heritage

Our location at 73 Harbord St. was the previous home of the Toronto Women's Bookstore. We were saddened when it closed last year. We feel so honoured to be able to continue the Community focus of the site as we strive to build a place that fosters connections - between parents, families and their children.