It's Party Time!

RedFish BlueFish Creative Cafe is a wonderful place to host an inspired Birthday Party for your child.  Our Birthday parties basics are designed to offer you a space in which to have the party you want but not in your house!  Our studio space space is ideal for hosting birthday parties.  You are welcome to involve your own entertainer, arrange your own cake and food, even bring paper plates! We're happy to provide what you need to make your party complete: the cake, a children's platter of fruit, vegetables, hummus and cheese, and drinks.  We recommend a group of 15 children for the ideal sized party, 20 is our max!

Party Basics

Rental Fee: Studio Rental fee is $175 for a 2 hour party with 30 mins ahead for setting up and 30 mins for cleanup.  The total rental time is 3 hours.  We ask for a 50% deposit at the time of booking.

Room Set-up: Our usual set-up includes two tables set to child height for buffet serving.   A speaker is available along with the required cords to play music from a phone or ipad or ipod.   

Decorations: You are welcome to decorate the studio space to suit your party theme.  We ask that you use mac tac or low tac tape when hanging decorations.    

Plates and Cutlery: For a $10 wash up fee, keep it green and use the Cafe plates, cutlery, glassware, serving plates and cake stand, instead of paper and plastic!  We'll collect and clean them up after your party. 

Menu (serves 15 - 20)

Small Bites Platter  $50  A party-sized version of our most popular menu item!  Healthy and delicious helpings of carrots, cucumbers, hummus, cantaloupe, strawberries and cheese.  These options may vary buy season and availability  (serves 15 - 20)

Sandwich Platter $40  Lunchtime favourites such as Almond Butter and Jam, Toasted Cheese, Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches on whole wheat and challah bread .  (serves 15 - 20)

Birthday Cake $50  We'll co-ordinate with our marvellous baker to provide the perfect cake for your party.  Options are endless and delicious! 

Juice Boxes $1.25 each We offer organic Kiju juice boxes - apple and orange mango are available. 


We are happy to recommend the following fantastic children's entertainers and organizations!   We are able to assist you in contacting your selection. Payment is made directly from the birthday family to the entertainer.  

James Funnyhat


($195 +HST for 45-60 mins)

James Funnyhat is a well known Toronto children's entertainer and storyteller, and our favourite children's performer. We're thrilled that he is able to host birthday parties in our space.  James will entertain your guests with a 45-60 minute performance of music, story telling and dance designed for your child's age group.

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Chamelea Science

($195 +HST for 60 mins)

Your child’s true character can shine through a wide array of themes. Do you have a potential veterinarian in your family? The ‘bundle of joy’ Animal Show is ‘purrfect’ for your child! Or perhaps your son or daughter is a master chef in the kitchen! Feast on our ‘cooking with science’ theme!

More of our great themes include:

  • Astronaut: Outer Space Explorer
  • Detective: Crime Scene Investigator
  • Princess: Fairy Tail
  • Dinosaurs! Roar! Pirate-Ology!
  • Magic Discovery!
  • Spooky! Science
  • Ancient China

Find out more about Chamelea Science >>

Suitcase Theatre 

($210 +HST for 90 mins)

Suitcase Theatre offers singing, dancing, drama and dress-up parties for children from age 3. Suitcase Theatre's party leaders can transform any party into a whimsical circus,  a treasure hunt with mermaids and pirates or blast off into space in your rocketship and tip toe across the stars! With the imagination of children, the possibilities are boundless.

Parties are approximately 50- 60 minutes in length and are ideal for groups up to 12 children including the birthday boy or girl. The cost is $199. Additional children are $12 each. Should the party exceed 15 or more children, a second Suitcase Theatre leader will be required for an extra cost of $75. Adult support at our parties is encouraged and appreciated.

For more information and to ask about our birthday booking schedule, please email us at or call 647-654-PLAY.

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