Qi Gong/Tai Chi

Adult Class

Mondays 5:30 - 6:30, $15/class, drop-in's welcome!

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese form of movement that promotes the flow of Chi (vital energy) through the body. It comprises of exercises of stretching and mobilizing the body and joints, breathing techniques, slow movement exercises, walking methods and meditation. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese technique emphasizing relaxation, balance, coordination, and agility. Both incorporate Zen philosophy with mind/body and energy concepts. You will explore your body and Chi awareness leading to deepen into your internal Chi flow. Tai Chi is a total system of exercises promoting circulation, flexibility, and inner strength including mental and physical discipline. Each action in Qi Gong and Tai Chi aim to move Chi in a specific way and to increase the flow of Chi through the mind and body.

Sifu Yuan's Monk Brothers explaining the art of Tai Chi and inner energy

Class will be lead by Sifu Yuan

As a young boy, Sifu Yuan Jing learned to live the life of a monk. Born in an impoverished village in China, he was chosen at an early age to live in the Shaolin Temple to become a Master in Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Meditation and Qi Gong. Throughout his life, Yuan Jing has traveled the globe on a world tour. This opened his eyes in seeing many people in need of help. He believes success in life is achieved by a strong mind and body connection.

$15.00 per class

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